Kudowa Zdroj

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A health resort in the Sudety Mountains in the neighbourhood of the Stolowe (Table) Mountains famous since the 17th century.
The springs of alkaline-ground sorrel are used here. In the huge Spring Park there is a pump room of mineral waters, numerous sanatoriums and guest-houses. In the architecture we can notice interesting cultural influences from Czech and Germany.
In the outskirts of Czermna a chapel of 1776 is situated, filled with the casualties' sculls of the thirty years' war and just beside it - a historic moving crib of a folk artist.
Kudowa is a starting point to walking paths of the Stolowe Mountains Landscape Park including, among others, a summit Szczeliniec Wielki, where the way of 665 stone stairs leads. Szczeliniec houses a reservation called the Rock Labyrinth with rocks of fantastic shapes.

Main treatment areas: 
Heart diseases, diseases of the peripheral vessels, endocrinal diseases, diseases of the blood and the haematopoietic system,
digestive system disorders in children, obesity.

Natural therapeutic resources: 
4 springs of bicarbonate-calcium-sodium oxalate waters; gas source of carbon dioxide, used for carbon dioxide dry gas baths.

SPA Hospital Polonia

The profiles of medical treatment: anaemia, endocrinology, pulmanary diseases, cardiology, obesity, and bodily organ of motion illnesses