Solec Zdroj

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Solec Zdrój is a town and commune located in south-eastern part of the Świętokrzyskie province. The charming Spa Park with unique tree population and the Rzoska river which creates lovely panoramas make attractive settings for holidays and treatment. Another place of interest in the commune is the Szaniecki Landscape Park. In addition to beautiful nature, Solec attracts visitors with its special microclimate with high percentage of sunny days and low rainfall throughout the year.
At present, Solec Zdrój has two springs of therapeutic chloride-iodine-sodium-boron-sulphate saline water, called simply the sulphate water. High sulphur and mineral contents make it the strongest therapeutic water in Poland and one of the best in Europe.

Main treatment areas: 
Its high medical properties are used primarily for treatment of the rheumatic diseases of the kinetic system, as well as post-injury orthopaedic conditions.

Hotel Malinowy Zdroj Solec Spa ***+

The three-star hotel situated in Solec Zdroj with a Rehabilitation Clinic were established in 2005 and are housed in a luxury 3-floor high standard building. Hotel offers 105 room with an attractive panorama of Solecki Lake or the Spa Park. Hotel has three conference halls.
Malinowy Zdrój - Solec SPA in addition to high quality rehabilitation treatments provides also recreation in spare time as tennis, swimming pool,canoe, bikes/paths of health, mini golf. Entertaiment offer includes dancing, disco, billiards, bowling and Night Club.